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July 2016
July 2016

<p>Rounds of showers and thunderstorms moving westward off the coast of Africa may pave the way for future tropical systems over the Atlantic Ocean in the weeks ahead.</p>
Topic driven playlist brightcove.createExperiences(); Rounds of drenching showers and thunderstorms will heighten the risk of flash flooding...
The average surface temperature of Lake Tahoe has risen faster over the last four years than any time on record — 15 times faster than the long-term warming rate over the past half century, scientists say.
This summer, China set aside $30 million for a controversial project that involves shooting salt-and-mineral-filled bullets into the sky. Their mission? Make it rain.&nbsp;
A flash flood watch was in effect through Friday morning for Philadelphia, where delegates and protesters were packed in for the last day of the DNC.
Drenching and locally severe thunderstorms impacted portions of the Northeast on Thursday.
Firefighters scrambled on Thursday to suppress a deadly wildfire near California's famed Big Sur coast that has burned three dozen dwellings, driven hundreds of residents from their homes and forced the closure of several popular parks at the height of summer travel season.
Reports this week from the front lines of the Sand Fire in Southern California painted the scene as apocalyptic.&nbsp;
About a dozen lions, tigers, cougars and other big cats came home to a sanctuary north of Los Angeles days after they were evacuated in the teeth of an advancing wildfire
A flash flood watch stretches from Connecticut through the Cape due to rain forecast for Thursday night and Friday.&nbsp;
A team of researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson found that trees may do more harm than good in fighting climate change.
The nights may be short, but with the weather warm it's a great time to check out some sky magic. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks Thursday and Friday.&nbsp;
As of Thursday morning 96L sits across the Atlantic off the coast of Guinea and is being monitored for potential development. It is the first African tropical wave to become an invest in the Atlantic this season and although computer models disagree on how it will evolve, some are anticipating it could develop into a Tropical Depression as it tracks west during the coming days.&nbsp;
<p>If you're a space traveler lost in the universe, a team of astronomers here on Earth has your back: They've made the largest ever 3D map of galaxies that humanity can see.</p>
Firefighters are bracing for hotter weather and lower humidity in the area near Big Sur where a wildfire has destroyed 34 homes and killed a bulldozer driver working to contain the massive blaze.
Officials finally offer an explanation after people in several states report seeing mysterious light racing across night sky
<p>Repeating and slow-moving storms will raise the risk of flash flooding and damaging winds over northern and central High Plains into Thursday night.</p>
It's shark season on the East Coast.
Floods and landslides in Nepal and India have killed more than 90 people in recent days, with at least two million residents forced to flee their homes, officials said Thursday.
Highs will run between 10 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit above average across much of the western United States into the upcoming weekend.
Citing coal’s effect on climate change, a group of more than 65 prominent scientists is urging the Obama administration to end coal leasing on federal public lands by making permanent a moratorium the government placed on leasing in January.
Move over, Devo! A distant star is whipping its companion with radiation, making the whole system pulse like an '80s power-pop dance party.
The best weather pictures for the month of July 2016.&nbsp;
<p>Jupiter's Great Red Spot is apparently also red hot: The highest temperatures ever observed on the planet were recently detected in the region above the ginormous storm.</p>
Philae, the trailblazing, space exploring robot that made history when it landed on a speeding comet, bid its final farewell to Earthlings today.
Hot and humid summer weather across the U.S. brings with it the rise of the mosquito season, and this year the threat of the Zika virus makes that more than a minor nuisance.
<p>A stifling heat wave will remain entrenched across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast much of this week.</p>
Firefighters battle the Soberanes Fire in northern California.
<p>After a heat wave this past weekend, the US has had its taste of scorching temperatures.</p>
The 1995 heat wave that killed an estimated 739 people in Chicago was a terrifying but instructive event. “At the time, public health agencies considered heat waves a minor nuisance,” says thesociologist and writer Eric Klinenberg, whose 2002 book Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago chronicled a horrifying cascade of policy errors and social conditions during a three-day period of unrelenting heat and humidity in mid-July.&nbsp;
Watch marine trash get sucked into five immense garbage gyres.
Meteorologists are still rubbing their eyes after seeing seven named storms form in just three weeks around the Eastern Pacific.&nbsp;
During last night's thunderstorm in New York City, the Empire State Building was struck by lightning.
Heavy rains and floods have killed at least seven people and forced around 1.2 million to leave their water-logged homes in India's northeastern state of Assam.
The sun fired off its strongest solar flare of 2016 during an active weekend that saw three eruptions from the star's surface.
<p>Most of the roughly 20,000 evacuees forced out by a wildfire were cleared to go home, but firefighters still faced huge work Tuesday in taming an expansive wildfire in mountains north of Los Angeles.</p><p></p>
The U.N. weather agency says it suspects a 54-degree Celsius (129.2 Fahrenheit) temperature recorded in Kuwait has set a record for the eastern hemisphere.
Ah, yes, the moon. To it, over it, shooting for it. Blue, green. Pies, faces, shines, lighting. And I haven't even gotten to all the Luna-based concepts.
The fast-moving Sand Fire has killed one person and destroyed more than a dozen homes in the drought-parched canyons northwest of Los Angeles.
Here are the peak dates and best practices for watching the Perseid and Delta meteor showers this summer.
Before it split into the continents we know today, Earth was home to just a single landmass, or "supercontinent," called Pangea.
With the Delta Aquarid meteor shower going on right now, and the crowd-favorite Perseid meteor shower hot on its heels, the next few weeks are going to be the prime time to watch some shooting stars light up the night sky.&nbsp;
The government has found that jet engine exhaust is adding to climate change and endangering human health, and needs to be regulated.
A wildfire that’s destroyed 20 homes and two other buildings south of Carmel in Monterey County grew to almost 15,000 acres overnight and remains only 5-percent contained as residents continue to evacuate the area, firefighters said Monday.&nbsp;
A waterspout was spotted along the shoreline of tourist haven Cancun, Mexico, on Sunday, July 24. A smaller waterspout appeared alongside it briefly, as in this video. This footage was taken by a webcam installed at Cancun’s Beach Palace hotel. Credit: YouTube/webcamsdemexico
At Lavoie's Farm in New Hampshire, beans and corn haven't broken through the ground yet and fields of strawberries are stunted.The drought that has taken hold in the Northeast is especially felt at John Lavoie's farm in Hollis, presenting him with some tough choices. Irrigation ponds are drying up, forcing him to choose between tomatoes and berries or apple and peach trees.Lavoie decided to hold off watering the fruit trees so...
<p>Flames raced down a steep hillside "like a freight train," leaving smoldering remains of homes and forcing thousands to flee the wildfire churning through tinder-dry canyons in Southern California, authorities said Sunday.</p><p></p>
Viewers will be able to see up to 20 meteors per hour during the shower’s peak. The Delta Aquarids are flying by this week, and if the night sky above you is clear, you just might catch a glimpse. Meteor showers will peak...
Enormous gas bubbles trapped underground are causing areas of grass in Siberia to tremble like trampolines. Methane gas, which is twice as potent as carbon dioxide in warming the Earth's atmosphere and is usually locked beneath permafrost, is reportedly...
Dozens of lawsuits are pending after a 2008 dam collapse in Tennessee, with former workers blaming their illnesses on toxic exposure.
<p>Corals in remote and relatively pristine reefs fare little better overall amid global warming than those growing alongside heavily populated coastlines, according to research published Wednesday.&nbsp;</p><p></p>
Solar Impulse, a plane powered by the sun, is completing a round-the-world trip fueled without a single drop of gas
According to the Climate Central Wildfire tracker, there are 66 large fires burning right now in the western US.
Four decades after Nasa’s Viking 1 landed on the red planet, we detail every Mars mission to date – successful or not
Space is rife with unexplained phenomena -.and some of the seven included in this slideshow could hold the key to understanding the universe.
<p>A huge toxic algae bloom in Utah has closed one of the largest freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi River, sickening more than 100 people and leaving farmers scrambling for clean water during some of the hottest days of the year.</p>
LUCAS, Ohio — What was left of the famous oak tree from The Shawshank Redemption fell Friday, apparently the victim of a southwest wind. John and Marge Shoemaker of Weatherford, Texas, in this area for their niece's Saturday wedding, may have been among the last to see the tree still standing.&nbsp;
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