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July 2016
July 2016

<p>A storm pushing across the northeastern United States could pack a punch from Washington D.C., to New York City and northward on Friday.</p>
In the wake of the historic flooding last week in West Virginia that killed 26 people, the American Red Cross has sent hundreds of workers to the mountain state.&nbsp;
Las Vegas was hit by flooding as heavy thunderstorms packing golf ball-sized hail, gusty winds and destructive lightning swept through the area, leaving at least one person hospitalized after she was plucked from a flooded wash, authorities said.
As NASA’s Juno spacecraft closes in for its July 4 arrival at Jupiter, many other eyes are also staring at the solar system’s largest planet.&nbsp;
Shark encounters and sightings along California's coast are at their highest level in decades, scientists say, warning that warmer waters mean beachgoers will have to be on the lookout for the predators all summer.
A look at wildfires burning in the West and the aftermath of earlier blazes.
<p>Rain and thunderstorms will threaten parades, barbecues and fireworks displays across portions of the central and eastern United States and the Intermountain West on Independence Day.</p>
<p>As a noxious algae bloom fouls beaches on Florida's Atlantic coast, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is preparing to reduce the flow of water from Lake Okeechobee that many blame for fueling the problem.</p>
As summer heat builds, more people will rely on air conditioning units to keep cool. However, before air conditioning existed, people had to be creative.
Environmental scientists have declared a “global climate emergency” after the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream was found to have crossed the equator, bringing “unprecedented” changes to the world’s weather patterns.&nbsp;
Antarctica's ozone hole finally is starting to heal, a new study finds.
An unexpected and unusual sight was spotted whirling through the city of Minsk on Thursday, June 30. A dust devil travelled across a construction yard and across railway tracks before disappearing into the air. Credit: Pavel Rapinchuk
<p>With Asteroid Day falling on June 30, we look at some of the biggest meteor craters on Earth.</p>
Dwarf planet Ceres, king of the little guys hanging out in the asteroid belt, just showed its salty side. New findings from the Dawn orbiter spacecraft showed that light-colored areas of the crater, previously thought to be magnesium sulfate, are actually carbonate minerals.&nbsp;
Light pollution makes trees bud at least a week before normal, say researchers.
Researchers think that the entrance passages to 6,000 year-old tombs could have been used to enhance visibility for ancient stargazers.
Europe's trailblazing Rosetta spacecraft will end its mission on September 30, reuniting with robot lab Philae on the surface of a comet hurtling through the Solar System, mission control said Thursday.
Penguins could be decimated by man-made global warming over the coming decades, according to a new study.
Recent dry weather paired with the high risk for wildfires has led to firework bans for Fourth of July celebrations across the western United States.
ReutersIt's finally summer, so don't be surprised if you get caught in an unexpected rain shower accompanied by lightning and thunder. In the northern hemisphere, most lightning occurs in the summer months.
A huge fire burning in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California is the now the largest and most destructive of the season, which has seen over 2,000 fires so far.&nbsp;
A stunning skywatcher photo shows the International Space Station (ISS) crossing the face of the sun earlier this month
Here's how a joint plan by the U.S., Canada and Mexico to get 50 percent clean energy by 2025 could actually work.
Flooding, an annual problem in China, has been exacerbated by urban sprawl and poor drainage infrastructure in many cities.
<p>The Miami-Dade County Commissioners recently passed an ordinance that would ban disposable Styrofoam products from county parks and beaches, joining a host of other South Florida communities striving to reduce one of the most common and harmful forms of litter.</p>
Sallie Keeling had seen enough photos of destruction over four days to know what to expect when she returned Monday to the fire-ravaged neighborhood where she and her husband had lived for 13 years
Thirty-one of the country's top science organizations are telling Congress that global warming is a real problem and something needs to be done about it.
<p>A new image from NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows an eruption of star-births in the galaxy Kiso 5639, forming a rare "tadpole" galaxy.</p>
<p>Following a rain-free weekend for many in the Northeast, residents may be wondering if this is a sign of things to come for July.</p>
<p>Next week, on July 4, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will arrive at Jupiter, thrusting itself into orbit around the solar system’s largest planet.</p>
A look at the best weather from the month of June.
<p>Rounds of drenching thunderstorms could bring drought relief to parts of the southern United States into July.</p>
When US Secretary of State John Kerry wanted to push his country to take the lead on climate change, it was no accident that he chose to give a speech in Norfolk, Virginia.<br>
The cod isn't just a fish to David Goethel. It's his identity, his ticket to middle-class life, his link to a historic industry.
The massive wildfire in Kern County is now considered the largest California wildfire of 2016 so far.
This timelapse video, taken at the Mexican seaside city of Acapulco, shows the ebb and flow of the waves and the tide over the course of an entire day. The patterns that the water makes as it sweeps up and down the beach are almost hypnotic. Credit: YouTube/webcamsdemexico
Waterspout off Carteret County comes ashore and forms a tornado amid strong thunderstorms in the Tar Heel state
<p>The modern constellations are an unusual bunch — here's a tour of the highlights.</p>
New studies show that alarming numbers of tiny fibers from synthetic clothing are making their way from your washing machine into aquatic animals
Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film Blow-Up features a wayward London fashion photographer called Thomas who unwittingly documents a murder. Hidden in the blurred background of one of his most recent photographs is a detail so obscured by shadows and foliage that, at first, Thomas does not even see it.
We all know not to leave groceries and electronics to bake in a hot car, but there are some other items you might not have thought can be altered by the heat.
Meteorologist Danielle Banks says experts at The University of Hawaii have detected significant motion along the San Andreas Fault line.
The 2016 wildfire season has barely begun and dozens of large wildfires have already raged through Western states, with hundreds of thousands of acres burned.&nbsp;
<p>When Brian Cresto and his fellow firefighters fly toward a wildfire at just a few hundred feet off the ground, he's scouting for the best spot for them to land when they parachute down. Lately, he's also been keeping an eye out for hobby drones that could take out their twin-engine propeller craft before it climbs to 1,500 feet, where the eight smokejumpers exit."</p>
CNN's Jennifer Gray explains the power of a derecho wind storm and how it can sometimes cause more damage than a tornado.
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