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    BBQ for sale
    Mon, Mar 23, 2015
    04:39 PM
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    Ford Focus 2007
    Sat, Mar 21, 2015
    11:50 AM
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    Buy a Fruit juicer at just 300 Rs. With 1 years wa
    Mon, Mar 16, 2015
    03:41 AM
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    Expert Search Engine Optimization in MD
    Fri, Jan 2, 2015
    01:36 AM
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    WTS:Apple iphone 6 16Gb
    Wed, Dec 17, 2014
    02:14 PM
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    I want to sell my used Lexus LX570 GCC Specs
    Tue, Dec 9, 2014
    11:42 AM
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    Sous Chef required £18000/annum
    Tue, Nov 25, 2014
    09:43 AM
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    Work At Home And Earn Money By Mak Info Services
    Thu, Oct 9, 2014
    11:50 AM
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    Brand New Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Camera
    Thu, Aug 7, 2014
    03:45 AM
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July 2015
July 2015

More than 200 forest fires are burning across western Canada, causing a heavy gray haze to settle over the Pacific coast and forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents.
Following a dry end to the holiday weekend, showers and thunderstorms will quickly return to the Northeast during the first part of the new week. Another...
Crosswinds at Birmingham Airport have generated a series of interesting landing videos. This video is a compilation of several moments when crosswinds in the area caused planes to appear as if floating above the runway for much longer than usual before being able to land. Nervous passengers should perhaps avoid this video, or Birmingham Airport altogether! Credit: YouTube/flugsnug
It may not be quite as hot as last weekend in some areas, however, this torrid heat wave in the Northwest, now in its second week, will continue for awhile this week.
A natural helium leak in Southern California reveals that the Newport-Inglewood fault is deeper than once thought — with a direct line from the Earth's...
<p>Idaho fire managers are urging hundreds of residents to leave their homes in an upscale lakeside community threatened by wildfire.</p>
Bryce enjoys creating timelapses capturing some of nature’s wonders. On this particular occasion, a solar storm was making the northern lights even more visible, allowing Bryce to create a stunning timelapse that clearly shows the colorful pillars. Credit: YouTube/Bryce Link
<p>Whenever her sons rush indoors after playing under the broiling desert sun, Guadalupe Rosales worries. They rarely heed her constant warning: Don’t drink the water. It’s not safe. The 8- and 10-year-olds stick their mouths under a kitchen faucet and gulp anyway.</p>
The crystal ball on a hilltop outside Boston doesn’t look into the future, but provides an invaluable connection to the past. 
Jul 6, 2015; 12:00 PM ET The northern Russian town of Vorkuta was blanketed by a heavy midsummer snowfall on July 5. Cold weather year-round is not unusual, as Vorkuta lies within the Arctic Circle.
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari talks about typhoon Chan-Hom, now threatening Taiwan and Eastern China.
Many of us picture monsoons with extreme rainstorms that occur during India’s wet season. But could monsoons and rainstorms be related in the United States’ desert southwest?
An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 struck east-northeast of the capital of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
A wildfire that might have been started by fireworks and burned more than 320 acres while threatening homes in the California city of Vacaville was 100 percent contained Sunday, officials said.
For the third time since 1995, Mary Ford has seen part of her Lake Worth home soaked with floodwaters. Like many North Texans who live on lakes or along the Trinity River, Ford has faced two flooding threats in the last month. 
Warm sun on your skin is a boost to the spirit, but too much of it can cause a lot of pain. In this edition of Brainstorm, Sam Champion examines the science of sunburns.
<p>Billboards and TV commercials, living room visits, guess-your-water-use booths, and awards for water stinginess — a wealthy swath of Orange County that once had one of the worst records for water conservation in drought-stricken California is turning things around, proving it's possible to get people to change their ways.</p>
The jellyfish look-alike is actually not a jellyfish at all.
Predictions of an early wildfire season have come true in the Northwest as low snowpack levels, record warm temperatures and very dry conditions have helped fuel blazes weeks earlier than usual.
It was no day at the beach at Isle of Palms, South Carolina, when a sent visitors running.
Alaska and its neighbor to the east, Canada, have kicked off wildfire season in a major way. Blazes have raged across the northern stretches of North America, sending smoke streaming down into the Lower 48 and leaving the landscape charred. The multitudes of fires is a glimpse of things to come as the climate warms, but blackened trees are only the most visible concern. .
Spain's meteorological agency on Saturday warned people to brace for high temperatures across much of the country over the coming days, amid a lingering European heat wave.
A dark, moonless sky is awash in light radiating from an aurora over Antarctica in a new image released by NASA. 
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